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Lesnar interview: Former champ says no one can avoid his takedowns

Lesnar interview: Former champ says no one can avoid his takedowns

The clash of the titans is just over a week away. When Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem lock horns at UFC 141 you'll be seeing 521 pounds of beef in the Octagon.

Overeem is huge, but Lesnar still questions whether anyone can avoid his takedown game.

"Honestly I feel comfortable on my feet and I don't feel threatened in any area by this guy at all," Lesnar told ESPN1100/98.9 FM in Las Vegas. "There hasn't been anybody in the UFC that I haven't been able to take down. The issue is we just have to be able to keep them there."

On Overeem's troubles with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and his tardy prefight drug test, Lesnar said he barely kept up with the story. He was ready to face Overeem, Frank Mir or anyone else the UFC put in front of him. He was determined to fight on Dec. 30 come hell or high water.

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