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Alistair Overeem, Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva’s move to Vegas and Dan Henderson fill Reader Rants

In a very busy week, despite the lack of fights this weekend, you all had plenty to talk about. Reader Rants covered Alistair Overeem's suspension, Anheuser-Busch's strong words towards the UFC, the Chael Sonnen/Anderson Silva move to Las Vegas, and how Dan Henderson will fare against Jon Jones. Do you want to see your thoughts in Reader Rants? Like Cagewriter on Facebook and comment on the stories that show up in your newsfeed.

Not many of you bought Alistair Overeem's explanation for his elevated testosterone levels.

I want to believe Overeem, but where there is smoke, there is fire. The tests prior to the Lesnar fight had weird circumstances and now this? For a guy who proclaims innocence and knows the PED spotlight is squarely on his back, he should be the first to check the ingredients of anything he puts in his body. -- Ryan Wahl

I don't know science well enough, but he keeps on making excuses and doesn't really convince anyone that he's clean. Sure, he says everything with a straight face, but like Ryan said, where there's smoke, there's fire! -- Brandon Mendoza

Anheuser-Busch shared their displeasure with the UFC over the behavior of some fighters. One reader thought they should take a look inward.

I think it would be unfair if they let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. We're in such a sensitive age with the internet and social media, but UFC fighters aren't running around disparaging women, minorities or disabled people, they are making errant jokes like Anheuser-Busch does all the time. It's really too bad if a beer company with controversial commercials of it's own can't learn to turn the other cheek and just ask the UFC to introduce fines and consistency into it's policies about social media instead of threatening to pull their sponsorship. Talk about calling the kettle black. -- Joshua Smith

Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva's rematch was moved to Las Vegas, and Silva isn't the only one disappointed in the move.

I'm disappointed, everyone has wanted to see how the fight is gonna go down on Anderson's home turf and this just helps Chael. It's still a good fight and if the card lives up to the hype it'll probably go down as the card of the year. -- Gabriel Martinez

Brazil fans are going to be disappointed in the UFC. This would've been the match they wanted out of any, and its been taken away from them. -- Manny Seda

Cagereaders had many answers for the question, how will Dan Henderson do against Jon Jones?

Hendo has NO advantages to use against Jones apart from experience. Height, reach, youth, strength, stamina, and the match all go to Jones. -- Donald Windley

Hendo will have to end it early, and he can do it! If Jones somehow manages to survive the 1st round (run instead of engage) and make it past half way into the second I think that the younger guy's ground game will be the difference. Too bad that, I say! Every MMA fan loves to see a knock out! Hendo deserves to go out a champ and Jones doesn't have the 'cred'. -- Kevin Astle


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