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M-1 champion Vinny Magalhaes put championship belt on eBay

If you want an MMA championship belt -- a valid one not sold at local toys stores -- you can either train for years and win it, or be the highest bidder on the M-1 belt that Vinny Magalhaes is selling on eBay.

UFC veteran Magalhaes won the M-1 light heavyweight belt last April and defended it in October, but then found himself in a long, public squabble with M-1 management. He and M-1 director of operations Evgeni Kogan have exchanged nasty insults over Twitter after Magalhaes was not happy with the fights the Russian-based promotion was making, and Kogan supposedly coached one of Magalhaes' opponents from ringside, a huge no-no for a promoter who should be unbiased.

Since Magalhaes said he is through his contract and wants to move on from the promotion, he has no reason to hold on to the belt. He put it on eBay, starting bids at $0.09. At the time of writing, it's up to $2,605. Magalhaes tweeted the link and told Kogan, "Hey buddy, you wanted your belt back? #placeyourbid it's on @ebay :)"

Thanks, Bloody Elbow.


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